Killing Eve: Villanelle’s knives


For no particular reason, here are the knives wielded (or stashed) by Villanelle in Killing Eve, Season 1. (Season 2′s were less distinctive.)

1. Higonokami


A classic 20th century Japanese folding knife, simple in construction (the handle is basically a sheet of metal folded in two, and there’s no locking mechanism), usually with a flat curved blade. Appears in S1E2: “I’ll deal with him later”.

2. Minimalist Bowie


Tiny fixed blade knife, a modern design by CRKT. Appears in S1E3: “Don’t I know you”.

3. Italian switchblade / Mother of pearl handle


The classic Italian stiletto, side-opening, automatic, with a spring mechanism. Mother of pearl is pretty. First appears in S1E5: “I have a thing about bathrooms”.

4. Kitchen knife


Appears in S1E5: “I have a thing about bathrooms”.

5. Shiv


Appears in S1E6: “Take me to the Hole”.

+The Knife Drawer


Contains the aforementioned switchblade, a… dagger (???), and a Ka-Bar or similar. Appears in S1E8: “God I’m tired” .

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  1. Hi, I enjoy this post very much! I don’t know if you are still active on this wordpress, but I was wondering: is the knife/dagger Villanelle uses in episode 5 of season 2 to threaten Eve with a Jambiya dagger, or something else? It is the one knife that truly stands out in that season. It’s okay if you don’t know, I just haven’t seen anyone online discuss that knife and I was very curious about it!


    1. Hi, glad you liked it! That dagger is barely visible in the scene, but I found a promotional photo in the episode’s fandom wiki page. Judging from that, yes, it’s a jambiya of some sort, though not the standard one of Yemen, Oman and Saudi Arabia. It looks more Indian / Mughal to me, though I haven’t seen one exactly like it.

      The hilt shape looks a lot like a “tiger tooth” jambiya (or khanjar, these words are often used interchangeably), which is Indian. It also appears nielloed, which I don’t see often in these daggers, but I mean it’s not an antique, it’s a prop for a tv show, and similar decorations are very common in modern Indian daggers (generally sold as souvenirs).

      Tiger tooth jambiyas typically have a ridged blade, broad near the hilt and tapering after the curve to a triangular tip. It’s a weapon for piercing armour. But Vilanelle’s dagger has a narrower, flat blade. These can be found is some Indopersian and Ottoman khanjars, which are usually ceremonial or sidearms for the modern era, when you weren’t expected to fight anyone in armour. Vilanelle certainly wouldn’t have to worry about that.

      Hope that helped!



      1. Good lord, I didn’t know that wordpress comments automatically EMBED tumblr posts when you link them. Well, you learn something every day.


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