Dagger Fighting Masterpost


1. General

2. Historical Manuals (look for the Dagger sections)

3. General Typology and Terminology

4. Specific Knives and Daggers

4. Other

5. Tags

baselard, bichuwa, bollock knife, bowie knife, butterfly knife, chilanum, cinquedea, cretan knife, dagger, dirk, ear dagger, folding knife, gaucho knife, gile, haladie, jambiya, kard, katar, khanjar, khanjarli, khyber knife, kindjal, knife, koummya, kris, kukri, main gauche (parrying dagger), messer, navaja, nozh, peeche kathi, pesh-kabz, pichoq, push dagger, qama, rondel, tanto, throwing knives, trident dagger, seax, shiv, stiletto, switchblade, yatagan, zirah-bouk

…and how to stab.

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