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September 2019 update: said D&D blog was deactivated (because tumblr proved exactly as random and unreliable as expected), so yay for having forethought. Like Prometheus. This leaves me in a hot mess where I’m juggling four versions of the same concept:

Let me teach you to wonder and stray
Permit me to tell you how to revolt
A creature’s reach should exceed its grasp
Or what’s a heaven for?

I’ll show you the way to sneak in, to desire
To struggle for dreams and to hunger for more
A creature’s sight should outrun its might
Or what is heaven for?

Taste of the fruit of the tree that is knowledge
Of good and of evil and all the world’s lore
A creature’s thought must exceed what it’s taught
Or who is heaven for?

So come, steal the fire of the gods from their palace
For I’ve got a wonderful secret to tell:
A creature’s reach should exceed its grasp
What else is heaven? Or hell?

~ Leslie Fish (adapted)