Rogues in D&D

  1. Building Odysseus in D&D 3.5
  2. Hermes, god of thieves
  3. A Very Biased History of Alignment, Part I
  4. D&D 3.5: How to Stealth
  5. A Dance Guide to the Classes, Part I
  6. The Stealth Handbook Part I: Abilities and Races [D&D 3.5]
  7. Robin Hood: not Lawful Good, sorry
  8. Why do Rogues steal?
  9. Rogues: skillset, attitude, and purpose
  10. A Rogue by any other name…
  11. “Fans of Dungeons & Dragons seem to have a masochistic relationship with alignment…”
  12. Gary Gygax: it’s complicated
  13. Halflings through the ages and D&D Editions
  14. Roleplayers Vs. wargamers: questioning the premise
  15. A low-tech pirate trick: surprising a big ship with two tiny fishing boats
  16. How to Rogue: a D&D 5e Quick Guide
  17. D&D Tactical Combat: How to Flank
  18. The Thief’s Dungeon
  19. Playing a smuggler in D&D
  20. I solved D&D
  21. The unholy mess of D&D 3rd Edition’s exotic weapons rules
  22. Playing D&D vs playing online. Is it “vs” though?
  23. Matthew Colville: On Being An Evil Character
  24. Building a Rogue in 3.5 and Pathfinder: Collected Resources
  25. D&D 5e: Roguish Archetypes Masterpost
  26. How to Rogue: a 5e Masterpost
  27. Traps Masterpost
  28. Rogue deities
  29. How to run the original Tomb of Horrors
  30. The Wish spell: anything your heart desires
  31. Parallels: Olidammara the Laughing Rogue / The Cynics Diogenes and Menippus
  32. What’s a Thieves’ Guild and where did it come from?

Rogues in Fiction

  1. Thief-Hero #1: Prometheus
  2. Epitaph (Ballad in Which Macheath Begs All Men For Forgiveness), and The Threepenny Opera censored
  3. Non Serviam
  4. Pirate Jenny
  5. Start of Darkness: The Order of the Stick, and fantasy beyond escapism
  6. Seven Samurai: Drama Though Action
  7. The theft of Apollo’s cattle
  8. Nasreddin Hodja plays the Judge
  9. On The Importance of Being Scared
  10. The thief in the shadows
  11. Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III: Origins
  12. Top 10 Prison Dramas
  13. Cardsharps in Genre Painting
  14. Moulin Rogue
  15. Outlaw Ballads
  16. Review: Robin Hood (Ridley Scott, 2010)
  17. Black Sails, Levellers, and monsters
  18. Robin Hood (2018): an involved review
  19. A Caveat for Cut-purses
  20. Killing Eve: Villanelle’s knives
  21. Hades in popular culture
  22. Lockpicking in The Canterbury Tales
  23. Define “Rogue”
  24. The cutthroat Robin Hood and his “inexplicable” appeal
  25. Between heaven and hell
  26. The amazing Guillermo de la Cruz, or why vampire hunters should be Rogues

Rogues in Real Life

  1. Mafia Lore: Honour and Blood
  2. Whipjack
  3. Thieves’ Guild on the march: The Procession of the Guilds, Istanbul, 1638
  4. The bandit/irregular/soldier loop
  5. Two short Mafia stories, from the point of view of foreign students in Italy
  6. The gambler’s face cracks into a grin: ramblings about gambling
  7. The Good King™
  8. Medieval daggers Vs armour
  9. A slice of life of crime
  10. Trespassing
  11. The “Draw Sword, Draw Blood” trope: Fact and Fiction
  12. Stealing back the commons
  13. Damn those jacks of all trades!
  14. “What is honour? a word.”
  15. No rest for the wicked: Anti-vagrancy laws in Tudor England, 1495-1604
  16. The Twenty-Seven Ranks of The Canting Crew
  17. Pious pirates: sharing the booty with the saints
  18. Historical Lockpicking
  19. Two short stories of defiance
  20. Polari, gay and thieves’ cants, speaking in cant as an act of defiance and assorted musings
  21. The little silver knife
  22. Corsairs, Pirates, Privateers
  23. Bulla Felix, Rome’s noble bandit: myth and mythbusting
  24. How the conception of banditry changed over time in Greece (spoiler: not much)
  25. Despised executioners
  26. When “philosophy” was code for banned books
  27. Articles of the Fraternity of Rogues and Vagabonds
  28. The ‘coup de Jarnac’ and the insidious dagger
  29. On knives and daggers strapped to the thigh or back
  30. Shanghaiing
  31. The Sfondagiaco dagger
  32. The Corsican Vendetta Knife
  33. Dagger Fighting Masterpost
  34. Thieves’ Cant Masterpost
  35. Lock Picking Masterpost
  36. Fancy daggers in the hands of real Rogues
  37. The last shall be first, and the first shall be aghast: in which the Plague upends the social order
  38. Shipwreckers, or pirates lite
  39. The dreaded pirates of Barbary
  40. Brigantesse
  41. Police is a modern invention. Is that because previously “the army did that job”?
  42. Catching rabbits
  43. An overlooked thieves’ tool: the dark lantern
  44. A plague of rats and other misguided bounties