Lock Picking Masterpost


Historical locks and lock picking


Modern lock picking: Overview

Guides and tools



DIY and improvised tools



Master locks


Escape artist: Handcuffs and zip ties

Archive Tags: open lock, thieves’ tools, how to steal, escape artist.

Thieves’ Cant Masterpost


Thieves’ Cant by Jessica Trevino

D&D resources

English Thieves’ Cant and Slang

French Argot

Other Languages

Profanity makes everything better

Bits and pieces and other

Bibliography here.

Archive tags: thieves’ cant, slang, argot, words of the trade, profanity makes everything better.

Dagger Fighting Masterpost


1. General

2. Historical Manuals (look for the Dagger sections)

3. General Typology and Terminology

4. Specific Knives and Daggers

4. Other

5. Tags

baselard, bichuwa, bollock knife, bowie knife, butterfly knife, chilanum, cinquedea, cretan knife, dagger, dirk, ear dagger, folding knife, gaucho knife, gile, haladie, jambiya, kard, katar, khanjar, khanjarli, khyber knife, kindjal, knife, koummya, kris, kukri, main gauche (parrying dagger), messer, navaja, nozh, peeche kathi, pesh-kabz, pichoq, push dagger, qama, rondel, tanto, throwing knives, trident dagger, seax, shiv, stiletto, switchblade, yatagan, zirah-bouk

…and how to stab.

Traps Masterpost

“If you can’t find a trap with your eyes, you’ll eventually find it with your hit points.”

The Basics

Trap Design, Rules, and Tips

Sample Traps


How to Rogue: a 5e Masterpost

[links in brackets [+] are to articles republished for archival purposes]

d&d 5e

Getting started

Rogue Guides

Archetype Guides

Getting Involved

For other systems see:

D&D 5e: Roguish Archetypes Masterpost

[This is largely a compendium of compendiums, in that I gathered all the relevant tumblr posts I had, and then nicked the lists from Giant In The Playground, En World, D&D Wiki, and The Three Hs of Gaming. Please give credit to the original compilers (and creators, obviously), and be advised that homebrew material varies wildly in terms of balance and the like. Check community feedback where available.

This Masterpost will NOT be maintained, it’s just a snapshot. For newer creations, check out the linked lists and dig around.]

d&d 5e.png

Official / Wizards of the Coast


Giant In The Playground Homebrew Compendium

En World.png

En World Homebrew Compendium


D&D Wiki Homebrew Compendium

the three Hs of gaming.jpg

The Three Hs of Gaming Homebrew Compendium

reddit unearthed arcana.png

Reddit: r/UnearthedArcana


Tumblr Homebrew Compendium

Building a Rogue in 3.5 and Pathfinder: Collected Resources

d&d 3.5.jpg

D&D 3.5

Class Handbooks





Pathfinder 1st Edition